Join us Live – Gut Feelings of Intonation

Tune out and drop into the noise of time and world of intonations. There’s nothing more fascinating than the magical roller coaster ride of speech, and intonation is the rise and fall of voice in language. Like a musical instrument being played in reverse, voice begins deep in the stomach with air pressure rising up through the diaphragm vibrating cords to form words with the lips, tongue, teeth, and mouth.

Intonation is easy to imagine and visualize as a baseball game of language and communication. Every pitch of the word and swing of the bat creates the quality of speech governed by vibrations producing degrees of highness or lowness in a tone. Like our favorite teams winning and loosing, intonation of voice creates a vibe that sets the mood.

It all starts with a gut feeling that leads to voices in the head. Slide in with a home run to learn the rules of the game. Join us on a fantastic ride live November 29th at 1:30 PM EST at Facebook.com/tesol with Fluency MC – Gut Feelings of Intonation.