12 Tools and Apps for Learning with QR Codes

qr-code-156717_640QR codes (Quick Response bar codes) can be used to engage learners and enhance their English language skills. You need a scanner on a mobile device to scan these codes. QR codes can be attached to audio to enhance listening skills, to videos to learn vocabulary or listen to dialogues, or to written text to enhance reading skills. You can also get your language learners to create their own QR codes and help their peers learn about the topic. Below, find web tools and apps for creating QR codes and QR code activities. For lesson ideas and activities, check out our webinar recording, Language Learning with QR Codes.

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Recommended Apps

  • Quickmark allows students to scan and create QR codes with iOS, Android, or Windows phones.
  • I-nigma allows students to scan QR codes with iOS, Android, or Windows phones. Create QR codes only online.

Recommended Web Tools

  • Make colorful QR codes with images with Visualead, Unitag, and QRstuff.
  • The QR Code Treasure Hunt generator by Classtools will help you easily create  a series of QR codes for assessments, scavenger hunts, and treasure hunts.
  • Install the QR Code Bookmarklet to easily and quickly create a QR code attached to the url you are visiting.
  • With QR Voice type in up to 100 characters in several languages and a QR code is generated that will create an audio of the text.
  • Use Vocaroo to create a QR code attached to a listening or recorded audio. First, record the audio of any length then click QR code on the bottom. Print the generated QR code for your language learners to scan and listen.
  • Padlet allows teachers to create a QR code attached to a web wall where students add links, thoughts, images, and videos about any topic.
  • Edubuncee lets you create QR codes embedded into a digital poster with videos, images, stickers, and audio.
  • PollsToGo is a site for creating a polls attached to a QR code.

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