Visiting Madrid, Spain with Adam Beale

Palacio de Cibeles, MadridThis week we invited language teacher, Adam Beale (@Bealer81), to introduce us to Madrid, Spain.

Shelly: Which sites are a must for visitors?

Adam: Reina Sofia museum. A stunning building that sits opposite the beautiful Atocha railway station. It always has fascinating exhibitions and artists on show.

Shelly: What are popular local dishes?

Adam: Tortilla, stuffed peppers, octopus and the world famous Calamares bocadillos.

Shelly: What activities do your English learners enjoy?

Adam: My learners love back to the board. It’s a simple vocabulary revision game, for all ages and levels. A word is written on the board while one student has their back to the board. The other students then take it in turn to describe the word as best they can without using the actual word itself. Fun, quick and memorable.

Thank you, Adam Beale, for introducing us to Madrid, Spain!

Adam Beale (@Bealer81) Bio:
I have been teaching English in Spain for 6 years. I currently reside in Madrid and I work at International House. I really enjoy working with lower level classes and teenagers. I have experimented with teaching unplugged and I have just started to take an interest in Task based teaching. I like to experiment in class and would love to do more serious research in the future

Photo Credit: flickr photo shared by Edgardo W. Olivera under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license