Teaching English in China, Tiger Leaping Gorge Bridge

Teaching English in Chenggong, China, Spotlight on the Environment, Holland of Asia

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Chenggong is affectionately nicknamed the Holland in Asia. Located in the subtropical climate of the Yunnan province, this rural region of China produces stunning flowers. Chenggong has also revamped the road system to make it pedestrian and cyclist friendly, and built new campuses for Yunnan University.

Teaching English in China, Tiger Leaping Gorge Bridge

Many people find their way to Kunming and Chenggong to view Tiger Leaping Gorge, the year round Olympian training facility, or purchase some of the million flowers that are sold daily from the Dounan market. Chenggong is the perfect place to teach English if you want to smell the flowers, and live in a city where walking can get you just about anywhere.  

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