20 Ways Students Can Learn English Through Videos

hand-589488_640Learners love Youtube and videos! Motivate your language learners to practice their English by watching videos and completing exercises, quizzes, and gap fills. Below is a list of 18 web tools and sites we recommend for learning English. For more teaching tips, check out the American TESOL Youtube video channel with over 100 video recordings!

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Recommended Web Tools

  • English Central– Practice pronunciation, compete with others, and do more with videos.
  • Simple English Videos– Fun videos created by author, Vicki Hollett, that teach vocabulary, grammar, and more!
  • Blubbr.TV– Turn any Youtube video into a quiz
  • ESL Video– Students can learn English through video quizzes.
  • LangVideo– over a million YouTube videos in 11 languages with subtitles. The app remembers phrases and vocabulary you learn.
  • ESOL Courses–  View Youtube videos and complete gap fills, quizzes, and more. Created by Sue Lyon Jones.
  • Fun Easy English– Videos that help language learners practice pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and more!
  • Steve Peppy’s Youtube channel is full of energetic videos and he answers questions emailed by language learners.
  • Lyrics Training– Famous videos by popular music artists. Learn English with the song lyrics.
  • PlayPhrase.Me– Learn English phrases with Youtube videos.
  • Cullen’s ABCs– Free video lessons for children to learn English through finger plays, chants and songs.
  • Real English– Videos with exercises showcasing real spoken English.
  • Videonot.es is a tool for students to take notes with videos they watch. The notes are saved on their Google Drive accounts.
  • Vidtionary– Vocabulary defined through short videos.

Free Video Lesson Plans for Language Teachers

  • Lesson Stream– Discover several free lesson plans created by author, Jamie Keddie, associated with Youtube videos.
  • Viral ELT Videos– English language lesson plans for teachers based on viral videos. Created by Ian James.
  • TED Ed Lessons– Download transcripts and free lesson plans. Create your own lesson plans.
  • Film English– Lesson plans based on films. Created by Kieran Donaghy.
  • Designer Lessons– Lesson plans based on videos for language teachers.
  • Movie Segments to Assess Grammar is a blog full of free grammar lessons.

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