Favorite Edtech and ELT Posts for March

Each week we scour the internet to find great resources to share on our various social networks (@TESOL, @AmericanTESOL, and @ESLWebinars). These are favorite ESL and Education Technology posts, infographics, videos, lesson plans, and research for March. In the comments feel free to share your favorite posts related to teaching English with technology. Check out our past favorites here.

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Recommended ESL Posts and Resources

  • Padlet, one of our favorite web tools and apps, has added a backchannel option to make it easier for students to chat with one another. This backchannel looks like typical messaging apps students are familiar using.
  • Check out the YouTube recordings of the 10 minute presentations for EFL Talks for International Women’s Day. The playlist includes  my 10 minute keynote, The Path of the EdShero.
  • EVE (Equal Voices in ELT) is a new advocacy group to promote diversity at conferences and events. Badges are awarded to ELT conferences and events with gender and speaker diversity and these events are listed in the EVE calendar.
  • In episode 72 of the Teflology Podcast, Matthew reflects on the life of Richard Schmidt and his contribution to the field of linguistics and English language teacher training. Robert Lowe discusses pursuing a PhD in ELT and Applied Linguistics.
  • In the article, How to Chunk Instruction: Making Instruction EL-Friendly, Tan Huynh shares 4 tips and an infographic for chunking your lessons to better support your language learners.
  • In the article, Knowing Deep and Surface Culture in Language Teaching, Ara “Lori” Esperanza shares her experience as a Chinese student and talks about the importance of culture in teaching language learners.
  • In the article, How Much Should English Learners Be “Pushed”?, Jana Echevarria encourages teachers to push their English Language Learners to achieve their full potential.

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