American TESOL Official Announcement - July 24, 2013

American TESOL Institute board of directors announces that Mr. Han Wei (Richard Han) has been promoted to Senior Vice President of A.T.I., China with effect September 1, 2013. Mr. Han Wei now manages American TESOL programs in Sichuan Province. He will be collaborating with Mr. Liang Yongsheng (President, A.T.I., China).

The authorization letter to Kunming Aurora Cultural Bridge Co., Ltd as A.T.I. South West China is void. Ms. Tang Xiping's position as Director of A.T.I. Southwest China and Mr. Robert Warburton's position as Head of Quality Assurance of Academics for A.T.I., China are dismissed. Existing affiliates of South West China are to report to Mr. Liang Yongsheng, and Mr. Han Wei by September 1, 2013. The name Southwest China is void, and should not to be used in marketing or advertising for American TESOL programs. All P.R.C., A.T.I. affiliates are to operate as American TESOL Institute, China.

The authorization letter to Beijing Shibo Dongfang Education and Technology Co., Ltd has been void since January 1, 2013. Mr. Dong Huijiang's position as Director of A.T.I. Beijing is dismissed. He will be handing over his existing charge of Beijing to Mr. Liang Yongsheng by September 1, 2013.

Mr. Liang Yongsheng and Mr. Jonathan Lazarus are the exclusive representatives for the business operations of American TESOL Institute, China. American TESOL Institute, USA board of directors grants Shanghai Teshuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd., in consultation with American TESOL Institute of Florida, the right to perform and supervise all issues related to quality inspections, examinations, and interviews, and contracting with government agencies, English institutes, schools, colleges, universities and organizations in the mainland of China. All certificates are issued by American TESOL Institute of Florida, USA, and are awarded in collaboration with Shanghai Teshuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


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