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TESOL Institute

Job Placement Support

English teaching jobs are available in communities all over the world, and becoming TESOL Certified is an ideal way to enhance a new career. Whether you are planning to travel and teach abroad, teach online, or just want the option for job placement anytime in the future, American TESOL graduates receive lifetime support.

Careers Teaching English

American TESOL Institute offers a world of exciting career possibilities beyond the traditional classroom. Dive into online teaching, curriculum development, crafting materials, training teachers, managing programs, or even research! Become an expert in business English, cater to young learners, or delve into specialized fields of teaching English with AI. Whether you seek community impact, intellectual challenges, or global adventures, American TESOL certification equips you with valuable skills and unlocks diverse and fulfilling paths in language education. Unleash your passion for language and embark on a rewarding journey within the dynamic world of TESOL!