Unlock the world of teaching English to business professionals with the TESOL for Business Certification, a comprehensive self-paced online program that offers 60 hours of interactive learning.

This course provides a thorough overview of the foundational principles of TESOL, with a specific focus on the methodologies used in teaching English to business professionals. The curriculum delves into a variety of essential topic, including call center lesson planning, effective business resume writing, and business plan presentations.

Participants have 12 months to complete the program through the American TESOL Learning Management System. This flexible timeline allows learners to tailor their studies to their individual schedules and needs.

TESOL for Business Certification


  • Thoroughly explore the foundational principles of TESOL
  • Develop effective ESL lesson plans
  • Evaluate and compare diverse TESOL teaching methods
  • Foster a conducive learning environment for effective communication in the TESOL classroom


  • Accurately discern various methods and approaches in TESOL
  • Enhance student performance by cultivating a supportive and inclusive learning environment
  • Boost teacher confidence
  • Gain an introduction to the nuances of teaching ESL online


  • Consistently cultivate a classroom environment aligned with the latest trends in TESOL
  • Construct and execute ESL lesson plans that embody best teaching practices, catering to the unique ESL learning needs of students
  • Demonstrate high expectations for all students' progress and language development
  • Continuously monitor and assess student advancements and provide constructive feedback

Curriculum Modules

  • TESOL for Business Certification includes three comprehensive eBooks
  • Reading Assignment: Pages 1 - 10
  • Introduction to TESOL & Teaching Business English
  • Video Assignment: How to Teach
  • Review of Acronyms
  • Comprehensive guide to essential acronyms
  • eBook Reading Assignment: Approaches to TESOL
  • In-depth analysis of five teaching approaches/methods for TESOL, with consideration of their suitability for adult professionals
  • Comprehensive guide to teaching approaches and methods

TESOL Methods

  • Comprehensive guide to TESOL approaches and methods
  • TESOL Methods & Approaches

Business Reading Assignments

  • Reading Assignment: Pages 11 - 20, TESOL for Business eBook
  • Wikipedia Reading Assignment
  • A comprehensive guide to pedagogy
  • Definition and understanding of pedagogy
  • Video Assignment: Observing Standards-in-Action - ESL Classroom Lesson
  • Comprehensive guide to effective lesson planning, including the creation of sample lesson plans for various teaching approaches/methods
  • Sample worksheets for use in business lesson plans
  • Comprehensive guide to designing effective ESL lesson plans

Creating Lesson Plans

  • Extensive training in ESL lesson planning
  • Comprehensive understanding of Connectionism, Morphology, and Syntax
  • SEP Reading Assignment file
  • eBook Reading Assignment
  • Grammar, Morphology, and Syntax

Lesson Plans & Resumes

  • Reading Assignment: Pages 21 - 30, TESOL for Business eBook
  • Reading Assignment: What is a Call Center?
  • Reading Assignment: Call Center Lesson Plan
  • Creating lesson plans for ESL learners employed in a call center setting
  • Preparation for assisting business ESL students with resume development
  • Creation of business resumes
  • Sample business resumes

Business Presentations

  • Preparation for supporting business ESL students in creating business plan presentations
  • Online business plan template
  • Construction of a sample business plan for international business endeavors
  • Comprehensive guide to business plan development

Business Interviews

  • Reading Assignment: Interview Lesson Plan
  • Designing effective lesson plans for practicing interviews in a classroom setting
  • Comprehensive guide to interview preparation

Financial Terms

  • Reading Assignment: Financial Terms
  • Review of financial terminology
  • Naming and defining at least 10 additional key financial terms
  • Comprehensive guide to financial terms

Financial Term Lesson Plans

  • Development of lesson plans utilizing financial terms, aligned with the learning approaches developed at the beginning of the assignments
  • Comprehensive guide to ESL business lesson plans

Final Reading and Essay

  • Reading Assignment: Pages 30 - 45, TESOL for Business eBook
  • Culmination of course with a final essay


    Upon successful completion of the program, participants are awarded the TESOL for Business Certification, opening doors to exciting opportunities in teaching English abroad or online. The certification is granted based on the successful fulfillment of program requirements, which encompass assignments, lectures, quizzes, and a final examination. To participate, candidates should hold a high school diploma and be fluent in English. Additionally, reliable internet access is a necessity for completing the online studies effectively.