Unlock a world of opportunities in teaching English to children, both online and abroad, with our comprehensive TESOL for Children Certification. This sixty-hour self-paced online course offers a focused exploration of effective teaching methods tailored for a wide range of age groups, from two-year-olds to seventeen-year-olds.

Our program provides an in-depth understanding of the various developmental stages of children, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to adapt teaching strategies to their ever-evolving needs. You'll delve into a spectrum of TESOL methodologies, learn classroom disciplinary techniques, and discover the perfect combinations of methods that thrive in TESOL classrooms.

Your journey to becoming a proficient English language teacher for children starts here. With up to 12 months at your disposal, you'll engage with our interactive materials, assignments, and assessments through the American TESOL Learning Management System, which ensures a seamless and flexible learning experience. Enroll now to embark on a fulfilling career dedicated to molding young minds.

TESOL for Children Certification


  • Analyze essential TESOL knowledge
  • Develop effective ESL lesson plans
  • Evaluate and compare diverse TESOL teaching methods
  • Foster successful communication within the TESOL classroom


  • Proficiently identify TESOL methods and approaches
  • Enhance student achievement by creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment
  • Build teacher confidence
  • Gain insight into teaching ESL online


  • Consistently create a classroom environment that aligns with the latest trends in TESOL
  • Develop and implement ESL lesson plans that incorporate best teaching practices, tailored to students' ESL learning needs
  • Maintain high expectations for all students' learning
  • Continuously monitor and assess student progress


The TESOL for Children Certification includes three eBooks and encompasses assignments and readings from the "Teaching English to Children" textbook.

Curriculum Modules

  • 1. Utilizing Icebreaker Activities, Teaching Preferences, & Acronyms
  • 2. Understanding Language
  • 3. Effective Teaching, & Gross Motor Skills
  • 4. Educational Methodology, Speech Production, & Input Sources
  • 5. Teaching Listening & Pedagogy
  • 6. Teaching Speaking
  • 7. Lesson Planning & Comprehension
  • 8. Drilling
  • 9. Intelligence Types
  • 10. Presenting Vocabulary: Lexical Approach
  • 11. Getting to Know Your Students
  • 12. Teaching Reading & Stages of Discipline
  • 13. Teaching Writing, Aids in Learning
  • 14. Classroom Management
  • 15. Approaches and Strategies in TESOL
  • 16. Behavior Management & Computer-Assisted Language Learning
  • 17. Creating Lesson Plans for Young Learners
  • 18. Student Assessment
  • 19. Creating a Syllabus
  • 20. Learning Strategies for TESOL
  • 21. Approach & Method
  • 22. Understanding Student Assessment Final Essay


  • Graduates receive the TESOL for Children Certification, along with the option for job placement in teaching English abroad or online.
  • TESOL certification is issued upon successfully completing required assignments, lectures, quizzes, and the final assignment.
  • Prerequisites include a high school diploma and fluency in English. Internet access is required for online studies.
  • Utilize the TESOL Learning Management System for live interactions with American TESOL instructors, completing assignments, and tracking TESOL certification progress.