TESOL for Children Certification is a sixty hour self paced online course that focuses on teaching methods for age groups two through seventeen, and the different developmental stages of children. Instruction includes a variety of TESOL methodologies, classroom disciplinary methods, and which combination of methods work best in TESOL classrooms.


- Examine the core knowledge of TESOL
- Create ESL lesson plans
- Assess and compare TESOL methods of teaching
- Facilitate successful communication in the TESOL classroom


- Correctly identifying methods and approaches to TESOL.
- Improvement of student achievement by creating a safe and shameless learning environment.
- Improvement of teacher confidence.
- Introduction to teaching ESL online.


- Consistently provide a classroom environment that is supportive to the latest trends of TESOL.
- Design and implement ESL lesson plans that reflect best teaching practices, and target student ESL learning needs.
- Demonstrate high expectations of all students learning.
- Monitor and assess student progress.


TESOL for Children Certification includes 3 eBooks, and consists of assignments and readings from the Teaching English to Children textbook.


- Using Icebreaker Activities, Teaching Preferences, & Acronyms
- What is Language
- Effective Teaching, Teacher Roles, & Gross Motor Skills
- Educational Methodology, Speech Production, & Input Sources
- Teaching Listening & Pedagogy
- Teaching Speaking
- Lesson Planning & Comprehension
- Drilling
- Intelligence Types
- Presenting Vocabulary: Lexical Approach
- Knowing Your Students
- Teaching Reading & Stages of Discipline
- Teaching Writing, Aids in Learning
- Classroom Management
- Approaches and Strategies to TESOL
- Behavior Management & Computer Assisted Language Learning
- Creating Lesson Plans for Young Learners
- Student Assessment
- Creating a Syllabus
- Learning Strategies for TESOL
- Approach & Method
- Understanding Student Assessment Final Essay


- Upon completion participants receive TESOL for Children Certification, and optional job placement teaching English abroad or online.

- TESOL certification issuance is based on successful completion of required assignments, lectures, quizzes, and final assignment.

- Participation requirements include a high school diploma, and fluency in English. Internet access is required to complete online studies.

- Online, participants access the TESOL Virtual Learning Center to interact live with American TESOL instructors, complete assignments, and view progress towards TESOL certification.

TESOL for Children Certification

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