TESOL Advanced Certification is an eighty hour interactive self paced online course that provides a base knowledge in teaching English as a second language. This certification course focuses on methods and approaches to TESOL, and creating English as a second language lesson plans. Participants have up to 12 months to complete studies in the American TESOL Learning Management System while meeting the certification objectives, goals, and competencies.

TESOL Advanced Certification


- Examine the core knowledge of TESOL
- Create ESL lesson plans
- Assess and compare TESOL methods of teaching
- Facilitate successful communication in the TESOL classroom


- Correctly identify various methods and approaches to TESOL.
- Improvement of student achievement by creating a safe and shameless learning environment.
- Improvement of teacher confidence.
- Introduction to teaching ESL online.


- Consistently provide a classroom environment that is supportive to the latest trends in TESOL.
- Design and implement ESL lesson plans that reflect best teaching practices, and target student ESL learning needs.
- Demonstrate high expectations of all students learning.
- Monitor and assess student progress.


TESOL Advanced Certification includes 3 eBooks, and consists of assignments and readings from Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages textbook.


- Using Icebreaker Activities, Listening Processes, & Acronyms
- What is Language
- Effective Teaching & Teacher Roles
- Educational Methodology & Speech Production
- Teaching Listening & Pedagogy
- Teaching Speaking
- Lesson Planning, Grammar, Morphology, & Syntax
- Drilling
- Grammar & Connectionism
- Presenting Vocabulary: Lexical Approach
- Knowing Your Students
- Teaching Reading & Pronunciation
- Teaching Writing, Aids in Learning
- Classroom Management, Psycholinguistics, & Bilingualism
- Sociolinguistics, Approaches to TESOL, & Correcting Mistakes
- Behavior Management & Computer Assisted Learning
- Observation in TESOL
- Student Assessment
- Creating a Syllabus
- Learning Strategies for TESOL
- Final Assignment & Thesis


- Upon completion participants receive TESOL Advanced Certification, and optional job placement teaching English abroad or online.

- TESOL certification issuance is based on successful completion of required assignments, lectures, quizzes, and a final exam.

- Requirements to join are a high school diploma, and fluency in English.

- Access the TESOL Learning Management System to interact live with American TESOL instructors, complete assignments, and view progress towards TESOL certification.