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Namibia is a southern African country with a moderately developed economy. Facilities for tourism are good and generally increasing in quality. The capital is Windhoek.

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INTERTEAM - Fachleute im Entwicklungseinsatz - Katima Mulilo, Zambezi - Switzerland - und die Unterrichtsmethodik erweitern. Fr die Qualittssicherung gilt darber hinaus, dass ihre Begleitung (durch den Advisory Teacher) entsprechend gestrkt wird.... Chemikaliensammlung) Untersttzung fr den Advisory Teacher hinsichtlich Verbesserung von Schulmaterial und -unterricht Frderung des Bewusstseins fr...
Publ.Date : Sat, 28 Oct 2017 07:51:36 GMT

INTERTEAM: Lehrperson fr naturwissenschaftliche Fcher - Katima Mulilo
Katima Mulilo, Zambezi - , dass ihre Begleitung (durch den Advisory Teacher) entsprechend gestrkt wird. Wir suchen eine Fachperson fr folgende Ttigkeiten: Identifikation von... Demonstrations- und Versuchsmaterial sowie bei dessen Handhabung und Unterhalt (inkl. Chemikaliensammlung) Untersttzung fr den Advisory Teacher...
Publ.Date : Fri, 17 Nov 2017 06:07:06 GMT

INTERTEAM: Lehrperson fr naturwissenschaftliche Fcher - Katima Mulilo
Katima Mulilo, Zambezi - , dass ihre Begleitung (durch den Advisory Teacher) entsprechend gestrkt wird. Wir suchen eine Fachperson fr folgende Ttigkeiten: Identifikation von... Demonstrations- und Versuchsmaterial sowie bei dessen Handhabung und Unterhalt (inkl. Chemikaliensammlung) Untersttzung fr den Advisory Teacher...
Publ.Date : Sun, 29 Oct 2017 01:24:22 GMT

Teach English in Namibia News

The Hardscrabble Business of Chinese Manufacturing in Africa
I?m Sarah Green Carmichael. Right after Irene Yuan Sun graduated from college, she went to Namibia, in southwestern Africa, to teach English at a rural public school. She didn?t expect it to be such a lonely, challenging year. IRENE YUAN SUN ...
Publ.Date : Tue, 07 Nov 2017 15:39:00 GMT

Africa will take China?s place as the next factory of the world
After college, I taught eighth- and ninth-graders in a village in Namibia, in southwestern Africa ... (Reuters/Noor Khamis) As a volunteer teacher, I was responsible for five classes of math and English in a public school in rural Africa.
Publ.Date : Tue, 07 Nov 2017 19:46:00 GMT

Improving our grim benchmark in education
Namibia, the Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zanzibar, and Zimbabwe. Historical performance in reading in English recorded the following 33.2 percent (1999), 33.4 percent (2001), 33.9 percent (2003), 34.4 percent (2006), 35.3 ...
Publ.Date : Mon, 13 Nov 2017 14:23:00 GMT

Namibia: English Language Association Boosts Language Proficiency
A professor and Dean for the School of Humanities at the Polytechnic of Namibia, Sarala Krishnamurthy is the driving force behind what might be hope for many Namibian teachers - the Namibian English Teachers' Association (NETA). NETA's main objectives are ...
Publ.Date : Mon, 23 Sep 2013 03:18:54 GMT

Namibian gov\'t, teachers differ on pay raise as strike looms
7, 2016. (Xinhua/Nampa) WINDHOEK, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- A teachers' strike is looming in Namibia as the government and the teachers' unions could not agree on salary increments. There are about 27,000 teachers working at 1,800 schools. The teachers are ...
Publ.Date : Tue, 13 Sep 2016 09:40:00 GMT

Dexter woman using music to raise AIDS awareness in Namibia
Since October 2004, Taylor has been working for the Peace Corps in Namibia, a sub-Saharan African nation of ... "I use music a lot in the classroom when teaching English. Imagine a group of 50 Namibian teenagers singing 'Yellow Submarine.'"
Publ.Date : Sun, 19 Nov 2006 16:00:00 GMT

Namibia has joined Europe in mocking Trump and it\'s glorious
Turns out Namibia has something to teach Trump: how to persuade foreign countries to ... With Australia and Namibia chipping in, the website "Every Second Counts" ? curating the English-language videos ? has changed from a Europe-centric visual...
Publ.Date : Thu, 09 Feb 2017 07:28:00 GMT

Robert Mugabe: Was Gucci Grace his undoing?
and went on to become a school teacher. He later received a scholarship to study at the University of Fort Hare in South Africa?s Eastern Cape province, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and English in 1951. In 1957 Mugabe moved to ...
Publ.Date : Tue, 14 Nov 2017 22:40:00 GMT

Mathematics and the teaching of English is demonstrated ... They sing: ''We are determined that Namibia must be free. Marxism-Leninism is our ideology, founded on scientific socialism.''
Publ.Date : Tue, 31 Mar 1981 16:00:00 GMT

Retired Army colonel, 58, joins the Peace Corps, bound for Namibia
Flemming, 58, has joined the Peace Corps. He left Everett this week for the first stop on his way to Namibia in southwest Africa. He?ll spend two years teaching English and HIV/AIDS prevention in the southwest African country. Flemming?s 27-month stint ...
Publ.Date : Wed, 05 Aug 2015 08:46:00 GMT

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